Why Go Green?

The simple answer is to help the environment and to save money.

Building with green methods means you will keep more money in your pocket in the long run. Along with money, sustainability is a huge advantage of green building. Imagine having a home that takes little or no money to operate-having smaller heating and cooling bills.

During the construction of your new building there is less waste with the use of SIP’s because the panels come pre-constructed for easy assembly. This reduces the construction time for less potential interference from the weather and other job site variables. In addition the construction method for SIP’s eliminates the need to replace warped or faulty studs, again cutting down on waste, time and effort.

Once constructed the SIP’s building will use 50-70% less energy than a conventional building. For every pound of energy used to produce the SIP’s panels and the ICF’s, there is a lifetime saving in energy of 150 pounds. A “1 to 150” positive ratio.

SIP’s buildings are sturdier, and built to last longer than a conventional approach, meaning less replacement cost, and less of a drain on the environment.

In addition, a better-constructed and more energy efficient building significantly increases the overall resale value. (One recent study showed that for every dollar saved on energy costs, there is a twenty dollar in increased resale value.)

Why go green? Why go any way else?

For more information on Building Green visit: http://www.insulspan.com/resources/green_building.aspx

What Our Customers Have To Say

Our two dimensional dream house was finally going to become a reality. Extreme Structures converted our sketches to blue prints and engineered a safe way to build it. Team Extreme gave us the courage to become general contractors and build our own house. Installing windows and doors was a snap because of the squared framing and dimensional accuracy. Inspectors and tradesmen were awed and appreciative of the little things done by Extreme Structures that made their job easier. Now a passive convection wood fireplace keeps our 1560 sq ft home (with a 21 ft cathedral ceiling, loft and 36 windows) a comfortable 70 degrees. Even though average temperatures were below normal, we used only 2 pickup truck loads of wood. Our total heating cost for November through January was only $225. Seeing is believing! This home is exactly what we hoped it would be. Partnering with the right team made building it an enjoyable experience. If we ever have to live somewhere else, it will be in a SIP/ICF house and we sincerely hope Extreme Structures will be our partners again.

-David and Janet

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