HVAC Sizing

Since SIPs are so energy efficient, the correct sizing of your HVAC is a crucial step in the building process. Sizing requirements used in traditional construction must be modified to meet the superior standards of SIPs. This often means the size of your HVAC operating system can be substantially reduced, ultimately saving you money. The incorporation of an air to air exchange is required for all SIP structures. Whether you choose your own HVAC installer, or you work with ours, we will assist in determining the correct HVAC system for the energy efficient structure.

What Our Customers Have To Say

When it comes to saving energy and lowering heating/cooling costs...SIPs can't be beat! We love how cheap it is to heat and cool our house. The construction time was also amazingly fast! We broke ground and moved into our house in a fraction of the time compared to the other stick-built homes in our subdivision. The work crew and supervisor did a fantastic job and were a pleasure to work with. Building a home was a great experience with Extreme Structures and we will do it again in the future!

-Jeremy and Kristin

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