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Structural insulated panels (or SIPs, as they are commonly called) are composed of a continuous core of rigid expanded polystyrene foam insulation which is laminated between two layers of structural board with an industrial adhesive at controlled pressure to form a single, solid panel. The strength of this adhesive makes these panels structurally analogous to an I-beam, with the boards functioning as the flanges and the insulating core as the web. The panels can be pre-cut and custom fabricated, and are quickly assembled on-site by fitting splines into pre-routed grooves in the panel edges to form virtually any wall or roof configuration. The result is a simple, fast, highly efficient structural system which provides superior thermal performance and substantially greater strength than conventional stud construction. SIPs provide builders and homeowners with energy efficiency, superior structural integrity, and an easy to install building system. Replacing traditional 'stick built' construction, SIPs are easy to work with and versatile for exterior walls, roofs, floors and additions.

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What makes SIP construction more superior than traditional stick frame construction?

Energy Efficiency


Comfort and Versatility

Strength and Quality

Sooner "Move In" Date

Value and More Money Savings

Trust Worthy Reputation

What Our Customers Have To Say

Our Insulspan SIP home was delivered mid June of 2006. Within 2 days our 1560 sq ft home was set up on our concrete pad and was covered in house and roof wrap. I cannot say enough about the excellent workmanship provided by Jon Morehouse and his crew. The cost of heating our SIP home located in West-central Illinois near Moline, IL was $150 for the entire winter of 2006-2007, $180 for the winter of 2007-2008 and from 10-10-08 to 2-1-09, the cost was $112 with the average temperature during November, December and January averaging 8-10 degrees below normal. We are very happy with our Insulspan SIP home and would make very few, if any change if we were to build again.

-Donald and Bonnie

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