The Extreme Advantage

By choosing Extreme Structures LLC for your building project you are selecting a company who has your best interests at heart. After all, in the construction field you are only as good as your last building. With over 35 years of construction experience, we have been in the business long enough to know the best approaches to any project, however we remain aware of the fact that the number one factor in importance in any project is you, the customer.

Feel free to get in touch, without any obligation, to see firsthand, the Extreme Structures advantage. While each project is unique, they usually fall into one of three major categories.

Residential: Let us build you a home. A home that is energy efficient, comfortable, strong, secure and safe. One that can be built quickly, but is built to last. A home with style and value. A home that you can enjoy each and every day.

Commercial: Who says you can’t have beauty and efficiency all in one building? Let us help you build an establishment that you can be proud of. One that can provide a fantastic return on investment by providing long-term savings in energy costs and maintenance factors.

Vacation Home: If you are looking to build a vacation home, why not build the best? One that is unique, low in maintenance, strong and secure. Build a vacation home that will last, and you can simply relax and enjoy it. Come to Extreme Structures.

Whatever the building project might be, let us be your complete source. We are a licensed and fully insured company. Let us work with you throughout the project, from start to finish. Be sure to read some of our customer’s testimonials and then experience the Extreme Structure’s advantage for yourself.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Our Insulspan SIP home was delivered mid June of 2006. Within 2 days our 1560 sq ft home was set up on our concrete pad and was covered in house and roof wrap. I cannot say enough about the excellent workmanship provided by Jon Morehouse and his crew. The cost of heating our SIP home located in West-central Illinois near Moline, IL was $150 for the entire winter of 2006-2007, $180 for the winter of 2007-2008 and from 10-10-08 to 2-1-09, the cost was $112 with the average temperature during November, December and January averaging 8-10 degrees below normal. We are very happy with our Insulspan SIP home and would make very few, if any change if we were to build again.

-Donald and Bonnie

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